Word Stress in Sentences

Stacy Hagen Stacy Hagen

Word Stress in Sentences 

Many words in English are hard to hear because they are unstressed. Yet unstressed words are critical to understanding, and are ones that are focused on in grammar classes. 

In this video lesson, Stacy Hagen explains in easy-to-understand language why some words are stressed and others are unstressed, and follows up with important listening practice. …

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Linking with Vowels

Stacy HagenStacy Hagen

Linking with Vowels 

Do your intermediate and advanced students have trouble understanding English spoken at natural speed? If so, they will probably find this video lesson on linking useful.

Linking is one of the features of spoken English that makes it sound so fast. A lot of linking occurs with vowels, and understanding how words are connected will help students better
understand spoken English. …

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The Grammar-Listening Connection

Stacy HagenStacy Hagen

The Grammar-Listening Connection

Listening proficiency is essential for second language success, but in the classroom, it has taken a back seat to the teaching of reading, writing, and grammar.

Stacy Hagen, co-author of the Azar-Hagen grammar series, discusses why
listening and grammar are a natural fit, why listening instruction needs to focus more on helping students decode speech, and how by doing this in the grammar classroom, we can provide a much richer linguistic environment for our students. Continue reading