How Do Our Dictionaries Help
Your Students Learn Real-Life English?

Tania Saiz-Sousa Tania Saiz, Marketing Manager

Longman American English dictionaries are created
using the Longman Corpus Network (a huge database of 330 million
words from a wide range of real-life sources such as books, newspapers
and magazines.) All the information in our dictionaries, including
example sentences, is based on the words in this network, so you see
only real American English, as it’s really used. So what’s in the
Corpus Network?

The Longman Spoken American Corpus

The Longman American Spoken Corpus is a new project comprising 5 million words of text. The gathering of recordings was undertaken for Pearson by the University of California at Santa Barbara. It represents the everyday conversations of more than 1,000
Americans of various age groups, levels of education, and ethnicity, and includes speakers from over 30 states. …

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Making English Unforgettable for Over 3 Million Students

Tania SaizTania Saiz, Marketing Manager

Making English Unforgettable for Over 3 Million Students

The goal of making English unforgettable is to enable learners to understand, speak, read, and write English accurately, confidently and fluently.

The Three R’s to ensure memorability in the classroom:

All ESL learners need English to communicate with both native and non-native speakers of English. Content of lessons and materials should reflect that reality.

Many ESL learners lack exposure to repeated English input outside the classroom, so lessons and materials must serve as delivery vehicles of real-world language input. This is key to avoiding fossilization. …


ESL learners need to feel they are making progress. Ensuring that students view tangible progress on a daily basis reinforces their enthusiasm for learning.


The Longman Elementary Dictionary and Thesaurus: A New Academic Language Tool for your Classroom

Tania Saiz-SousaTania Saiz, Marketing Manager

The Longman Elementary Dictionary and Thesaurus: A New Academic Language Tool for your Classroom

Language acquisition experts such as Dr. Kate Kinsella have long espoused the importance of intensive vocabulary-building as an essential component of academic English fluency. A dictionary designed with the English learner in mind can be a powerful tool to explicitly teach vocabulary and support students in becoming confident users of the the English language. Using an elementary dictionary specifically designed to scaffold vocabulary helps teachers make academic language instruction an integral part of lesson design.

English Language Learners (ELLs) need substantial support and scaffolding to fully acquire new vocabulary. The foundation of learning new vocabulary begins with providing accessible explanations that connect students’ prior knowledge to the unknown word. Only once the learning is anchored in a clear, concise definition can students begin to make meaning. Next, teachers begin the process of repetition, presenting words in multiple contexts, and providing practice activities designed to support students in owning the targeted words. Through these routines, students can begin to incorporate new vocabulary into their productive language, i.e., speaking and writing.

To facilitate vocabulary development, teachers must use tools designed to make vocabulary accessible for students. The Longman Elementary Dictionary and Thesaurus is designed specifically to support this type of word learning. Most
commonly-used dictionaries are not designed with the English learner’s needs in mind and thus can create frustration in the classroom, turning both students and teachers off to using them as learning resources. Unlike standard elementary dictionaries, the Longman
Elementary Dictionary and Thesaurus
provides the scaffolding that needs to take place with students who are learning academic English. As Dr. Kate Kinsella says, “The Longman Elementary Dictionary is hands-down the most dynamic and user-friendly dictionary for today’s mixed-ability, linguistically-diverse classroom.” Click here to learn more about the new Longman Elementary Dictionary and Thesaurus.


Kate Kinsella Talks about “The Importance of Targeted Dictionaries in Multilevel Classrooms”

Tania Saiz-Sousa Kate Kinsella Talks about “The
Importance of Targeted Dictionaries in Multilevel Classrooms”

Tania Saiz-Sousa,
Marketing Manager

TESOL 2009 in Denver was a big success; one of our most talked-about sessions was a presentation by Dr. Kate Kinsella. …

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