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The new Progress Test accurately measures student progress in English at six entry levels, highlighting strengths and weaknesses across all language skills to help inform teaching. Progress allows teachers to test students objectively and helps inform personalized and effective lesson plans. Progress gives learners a personal, fast, and precise score report against a global benchmark, allowing them to make informed decisions to help them improve.


Reliable and Consistent

  • Automatically scored across all skills including speaking and writing to give consistent results.
  • Scored on the Global Scale of English, a scale from 10 to 90 that measures English language ability. The Global Scale of English is a valid and reliable scale aligned to the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR).
Convenient and Time Saving

  • Ready-made and automatically scored to save time.
  • Adaptive test delivers faster yet more precise results while offering a unique test experience.

Precise and Objective Results

  • A standardized package of three tests allows uniform testing and comparison of results to improve learning outcomes.
  • Measures small increments of progress.

Informs Teaching and Learning

  • Score reports by skill, highlight strengths and weaknesses to help students to focus their learning.
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