New Password moves students from 300-word vocabularies to the most common 2,000 words in English. Along the way, they also develop reading and vocabulary skills to prepare them for mainstream classes.

  • Theme-based units include a mix of engaging nonfiction reading passages.
  • The words are carefully recycled across the five-level series, ensuring that as each word is learned it is then used to help introduce later words.
  • The equal treatment of reading and vocabulary skills in each unit make this reading series uniquely balanced.


  • Student Book with carefully recycled, high frequency vocabulary, activities that highlight collocations and word grammar, discussion and writing activities, vocabulary self tests, and unit wrap ups that help students review vocabulary and practice dictionary skills.
  • MP3 files included in the back of the Student Book to aid comprehension, retention, and pronunciation.
  • Teacher's Manual and Tests that features answer keys for all student exercises, unit tests, and Quick Oral Review for vocabulary drills.
  • Pre-reading tasks get students thinking about the subject by drawing out opinions and relevant experience.
  • Quick Comprehension Check true false exercises at the end of each reading check general understanding.
  • Post-reading exercises help strengthen skills such as scanning, summarizing, discussion, and writing.
  • Expansion activities include word families and collocations, word puzzles, and building dictionary skills.
  • Systematic approach helps students learn high value words and phrases.
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