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Effective comprehension begins when language learners, regardless of reading level, engage with content in a meaningful and authentic way, as readers do in their native language. Real Reading creates an authentic reading experience through carefully controlled texts, meaning-focused exercises, and extensive exercises, and extensive vocabulary development. As students focus on the meaning of the readings, they also develop critical academic skills. Reading and vocabulary skills help students understand the structure of written English and comprehend new words. Additional vocabulary-learning strategies- based on the research of Paul Nation- provides students with the tools they need for long-term vocabulary acquisition.

  • High-interest readings are carefully controlled for vocabulary to ensure that 95% of words are likely to be recognized by typical learners at each level.
  • Meaning-focused exercises encourage students to engage with the readings in an authentic way.
  • Reading and vocabulary skills train students on the key features of written texts to make them more effective readers.
  • Regular development of reading fluency helps learners become faster, more efficient readers.

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