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ExpressWays together with Foundations is a complete five-level course that features all-skills language practice. The series incorporates cooperative learning, critical thinking, problem solving, role-playing, cross-cultural discussions, self-assessment, and community activities to promote an interactive, student centered learning experience.

Program Highlights

  • Innovative tri-dimensional syllabus integrates lifeskill topics, functions, and grammar in each lesson.
  • Spiraled curriculum presents a full range of situations and contexts at varying levels of difficulty.
  • Comprehensive coverage of workplace communication skills related to SCANS and other employment preparation curricula.


  • Student Texts feature high-interest readings that integrate lifeskill topics, functions, and grammar with role-playing, group discussion, and cooperative learning.
  • Activity and Test Prep Workbooks include exercises and activities for reinforcing vocabulary, and grammar and test taking practice to prepare students for standardized tests.
  • Testing Program includes a placement test and end-of-chapter achievement tests.
  • Audio Programs are available for both Student Books and Activity Workbooks.
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