Side by Side Interactive is an innovative video-based software program that puts students in control of a dynamic language-learning experience using state-of-the-art technology. This two-level program combines interactive video, audio, graphics, and text to provide students with powerful learning tools and abundant exercises and activities for effective language instruction that is individualized, self-paced, easy to use, and fun! Activity Workbooks provide comprehensive supplementary activities and are designed to serve as self-study companions

Program Highlights

  • Video-based activities make language practice come alive as students interact with video clips in a variety of exercises.
  • Comprehensive text-based activities offer extensive vocabulary, grammar, and reading practice, and writing activities.
  • An on-screen video enables students to play a scene through or line by line.
  • GrammarToon computer animations focus on key language structures through entertaining cartoons.
  • Check-Up Tests offer students instant feedback and valuable test-prep practice.
  • Lifeskills and civics lessons integrate competencies required by adult education curriculum standards.
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