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The standards-based Side by Side Plus series prepares students for their roles in the community, school, and at work. The updated Side by Side Plus develops students' career and academic readiness skills and promotes students' independent practice using the eText.


  • Standards-based lessons develop competencies aligned with CCRS, CASAS, BEST Plus, and other curriculum frameworks and assessment systems.
  • eText connects point-of-use audio to Student Book pages for lively and effective language learning.
  • eText FunZone includes standards-based activities, eFlashcards for vocabulary practice, engaging videos, and games that reinforce each unit's objectives.
  • Teamwork, critical thinking, and community activities promote cooperative learning, problem-solving, and civics connections.
  • New expanded reading comprehension activities and writing lessons develop students' basic academic and careeer readiness skills.
  • Expanded Workbooks with Digital Audio CDs include new Gazette activities, standards-based life skills activities, standardized test practice, and content relating to the College and Career Readiness Standards.

The Digital Side by Side

Side by Side has helped over 30 million students worldwide persist and succeed as language learners. Now introducing Side by Side Plus eTexts for extended and independent practice.

Use the eText to:

  • "Flip" the lesson plan by moving some of the core conversation practice outside of class.
  • Work on a whiteboard in class.
  • Work through the lesson and activities together in class, in the lab, or assigned with the audio as homework for out-of-class practice on computers and tablets.

The Side by Side FunZone

The Side by Side FunZone supports program instruction with interactive games and activities. This digital amusement park, available for computers and mobile devices, lets students bring learning everywhere they go.

Visit the Side by Side Plus FunZone for:

  • Picture/Word activities and eFlashcard practice.
  • "Test Your Strength" skills challenges, including vocabulary, grammar, and reading practice.
  • Animations, videos, and music.
  • Games and crossword puzzles that build students' skills.
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