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This fully illustrated six-level series will set your students on the road to English language fluency. Exploring English teaches all four language skills right from the start, and gives students a wealth of opportunities to practice what they have learned.

Expressive, humorous four-color art and a broad range of characters capture student interest from page one.


  • Communicative, student-centered activities enable students to engage in meaningful communication. A wealth of pair work, role plays, and group work helps students learn cooperatively.
  • Abundant practice — oral and written — reinforces new concepts in guided and open-ended formats.
  • Grammar is presented and recycled in interesting and humorous contexts — both readings and conversations — so that students experience how the language is really used.
  • Basic competencies are taught in context: asking directions, taking a bus, buying food, shopping for clothes, and so on.
  • Ample opportunity for review is provided in each chapter, using all four language skills. In addition, every fourth chapter is a review chapter.
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