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Workplace Plus is the first adult workplace English series that is a true language course. The four levels prepare students for the three principal areas of their lives — the home, the community, and the workplace — by concentrating on three
interwoven strands: work skills, lifeskills, and language.

Workplace Plus correlates with the following national and state standards and tests: SCANS, CASAS, EFF, MELT, and more.

Program Highlights

  • Rigorously builds awareness of key civics concepts essential to the American community.
  • Teaches math concepts and practical math skills to build confidence in everyday activities.
  • Offers purposeful collaborative projects to ready students for teamwork outside of class.
  • Contains an expanded listening comprehension program to prepare students to understand authentic spoken speech.
  • Prepares students well for the workforce and VESOL Workplace readiness.
  • Job Packs (Levels 1 and 2) build on the language and skills developed in each unit to extend learners’ competencies to a specific career field.
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