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Academic Connectionsis a course in academic English that not only helps students develop all four language skills—reading, listening, writing, and speaking - it also teaches them how to integrate these skills in real-world academic contexts.

  • From beginning English to advanced, students develop academic skills and apply them in academic tasks (reading textbooks, taking lecture notes, giving presentations, writing essays, etc.).
  • Each student book comes with access to MyAcademicConnectionsLab, which transforms homework and assessment into an interactive online experience.
  • The assessment tools in MyAcademicConnectionsLab allow teachers to track student progress and personalize instruction to meet individual needs



  • Integrates all four language skills - reading, listening, writing, and speaking.
  • Teaches students how to integrate skills and content in real-world academic contexts.
  • Explicit, step-by-step skill development leads to student mastery. With careful instruction and engaging practice tasks, students learn how to organize information, make connections, and think critically.
  • Course content covers five academic content areas: Social Science, Life Science, Physical Science, Business and Marketing, and Arts and Literature.
  • High-interest and intellectually-stimulating authentic material familiarizes students with content they will encounter in academic classes. Readings and lectures are excerpted or adapted from textbooks, academic journals, and other academic sources. Authentic tasks, including listening to lectures, note-taking, debates, oral and written reports, and writing essays, prepare students for the demands of the content class.
  • Focused test preparation helps students succeed academically and on exams. Regular formative and summative assessments, developed by ETS, provide evidence of student learning and progress.
  • Provides a variety of assessments that result in more effective student practice opportunities based upon individual needs.
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