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is an all-skills, standards-based program for beginning-literacy and low-beginning learners of English. Its clear and easy-to-use format offers students an introduction to basic English for essential lifeskill situations and builds a language foundation for students’ future success at the Book 1 level of instruction.


  • Standards-based lessons integrate lifeskill competencies contained in CASAS, EFF, SCANS, and other curriculum frameworks.
  • Photo dictionary pages in each unit introduce key vocabulary.
  • Easy-to-use two-page lessons are designed for students with limited prior experience using a textbook.
  • Numbers lessons build students' numeracy and math skills.
  • Community tasks introduce basic civics topics.
  • Unit achievement tests prepare students for success on standardized assessments.


Teacher’s Guide with Tests and CD-ROM with Multilevel Activity Book offers teaching strategies, multilevel expansion activities, tests, and an activity bank of worksheets. Activity Workbook provides supplementary practice, with extensive listening activities on included Audio CDs. Vocabulary Photo Cards and Transparencies are motivating picture resources for review, conversation practice, activities, and games.

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