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Taking a "guided discovery" approach to learning, English in Common is an integrated-skills course that sets new standards in terms of interest level, teachability, and range of support materials. Designed for adults and young adults, this six-level course is based on international (CEF) standards and learner outcomes.


  • Gives learners a clear sense of what they are learning and why, as well as how it can be applied outside the classroom.
  • Engages learners by offering a new twist on familiar topics that reflect students' needs and interests.
  • Develops independent learners by encouraging active participation in observing structures and using background knowledge to determine use and form.
  • ActiveBook (bound into every Student Book): Includes a digital Student Book with the entire audio program, extra listening practice and activities, and a printable language portfolio to help students keep a record of their progress.
  • ActiveTeach (bound into every Teacher's Resource Book): Includes interactive whiteboard softeware, test bank, authentic video program,and printable resources.
  • MyEnglishLab: English in Common: All Student Books are available with MyEnglishLab, an optional learning tool for interactive practice, with automatic gradebook.
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