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  • finding yourself all alone on a mountain during a blizzard -- and being saved thanks to a surprise phone call!


  • having a party to celebrate your wedding -- and there was no wedding!


  • picking up a newspaper and seeing a photograph of twins who look exactly like you!


These stories and more -- humorous, poignant, astounding -- and all true!


True Stories in the News, Third Edition, by Sandra Heyer, consists of 22 readings based on human-interest stories adapted from worldwide news sources and includes new, updated, and improved materials. The universal appeal of these believe-it-or-not stories ensures a pleasurable reading experience and encourages beginning-level students to read with fluency and confidence.




  • A photo and pre-reading questions introduce each story.  
  • Average story length is 375 words.
  • Stories are told in the past and past progressive tenses.
  • Revised and improved exercises for vocabulary development, reading comprehension, pronunciation, discussion, and writing help students develop language proficiency.
  • Background information and teaching tips in an expanded To the Teacher section help make the reading class more effective.
  • Audio CD with recordings of all stories is included in each textbook.
  • A perfect partner with True Stories Behind the Songs.


The True Stories series includes:


True Stories Behind the Songs

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Very Easy True Stories

All New Very Easy True Stories

Easy True Stories, Second Edition

All New Easy True Stories

True Stories in the News, Third Edition

More True Stories, Third Edition

Even More True Stories, Third Edition 

Beyond True Stories

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