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Did you know that…


  • George Harrison wrote “Here Comes the Sun” on a cloudy, rainy day?


  • Johnny Cash’s hit song “Ring of Fire” wasn’t by him--it was about him?


  • the most popular song during the Great Depression was, paradoxically, “Happy Days Are Here Again”?


True Stories Behind the Songs, by Sandra Heyer, continues the True Stories tradition -- with a twist. The text features lyrics for eight popular songs along with real, believe-it-or-not stories about the songs and their songwriters. Companion stories related to the topic of the song round out the units. To see a sample unit, please go to pearsoneltusa.com/sampleunits.


Teachers are encouraged to download the songs from their favorite website or to use a version they already own. Or you can purchase recommended recordings on iTunes. A link on the True Stories website (www.pearsoneltusa.com/truestories) will take you directly to the playlist. For a limited time, receive a $15 iTunes gift card with adoptions of 20+ copies of True Stories Behind the Songs. Please visit www.pearsoneltusa.com/specialists to find your representative



  • Exercises for vocabulary development, reading comprehension, and writing and speaking practice help students develop language proficiency.
  • A comprehensive To the Teacher section gives background information about the songs and stories as well as teaching tips.
  • An access code at the front of the book enables teachers and students to download recordings of the stories free of charge at www.pearsonlongman.com/truestories.
  • Coming in 2013: A free website will provide lists of additional classroom-friendly songs that fit the unit themes, as well as reproducible worksheets and teaching tips.


The True Stories series includes:


True Stories Behind the Songs

More True Stories Behind the Songs

Very Easy True Stories

All New Very Easy True Stories

Easy True Stories, Second Edition

All New Easy True Stories

True Stories in the News, Third Edition

More True Stories, Third Edition

Even More True Stories, Third Edition 

Beyond True Stories 

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