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Longman Thesaurus of American English addresses students' need for vocabulary building and writing support in a highly accessible, easy-to-use format. Rather than simply offering a list of words like the standard thesaurus, this new reference helps learners expand their knowledge by explaining the differences between terms with similar meanings.

In addition, a 48-page section on academic writing offers extensive guidance on core writing tasks such as reports, academic paragraphs, persuasive texts, narrative events, writing about literary characters, and more.


  • Covers 12,000 general and academic words highlighting the Academic Word List.
  • 17,000 student-friendly example sentences.
  • A list of 3,000 commonly used words.
  • Groups vocabulary by topic, including Describing People, Sports, Environment, and the Arts.
  • Synonym Check explains easily confused words such as bored/boring or childish/childlike.
  • Full-color images help students differentiate the meaning of related words.
  • Online access to full content of the thesaurus with pronunciation of all the words. Also includes Vocaulary Trainer, and Student Center with exercises on vocabulary, word choice, synonyms, and writing practice.
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