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Pearson English Interactive (PEI) is a comprehensive four-level online course that helps students build their English communication skills. Students set personal learning objectives and work at their own pace on a variety of language activities. This online integrated skills course allows students to engage with English in a safe, structured online learning environment — anytime, anywhere!


  • Personalizes instruction to each student's needs — sends additional materials directly to students from within the system.
  • Saves time and reduces paperwork with automatic grading and tracking how students are improving at a glance.
  • Students' digital recordings and written work can be checked online, allowing more time for classroom interaction.
  • Integrated online placement test places students at the right level.
  • Allows for flexible management of teachers' contact hours.

Great for independent students

  • Students can practice anytime, anywhere.
  • Automatic grading gives students their results immediately.
  • Online practice provides interaction outside of the classroom in common situations in English.
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