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Using a variety of materials � from short conversations to longer lectures and clips from radio and TV � the new Listening Power series targets the listening skills that students need inside and outside the classroom.


  • Students develop a strategic approach to listening as they study the features of spoken English.
  • Because learning to listen in a new language is not a linear process, the sections of each book are taught concurrently.
  • A broad range of activities includes comprehension exercises, listening for main ideas and details, making inferences, building vocabulary, and taking and evaluating notes.

At each level, students focus on the following skill areas:

  • Language Focus teaches the features of spoken English, for example Wh- questions, Yes/No and alternative questions, contractions, numbers and letters, and time expressions.
  • Comprehension Focus covers essential listening skills such as understanding the topic, listening for details, finding main ideas, and making inferences.
  • Listening for Pleasure uses audio material from movies, TV, radio, and recorded storytelling to help students grasp meaning via tone of voice, sentence stress, and reduced forms.
  • Effective Note-taking (in Books 2 and 3) reinforces skills like writing down key words, using abbreviations and symbols, and separating important ideas from unimportant details.
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