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Implementing the Cognitive Academic Language Learning Approach The second edition of The CALLA Handbook is a practical and researchbased methodology book for all teachers of students learning English as a new language, including ESL teachers and content subject teachers with students who are English language learners. Each chapter has been updated to reflect new research, content subject to national standards, and adaptations of the CALLA model to meet current needs of students and teachers.

Features of the second edition:

  • Theoretical framework of CALLA, based on current second language acquisition and learning theory research.
  • Description and examples for each component of the CALLA model: using content area standards, developing academic language, and teaching learning strategies.
  • Uses the CALLA instructional sequence to plan and differentiate instruction.
  • Prepares students for standardized tests and develops authentic, performancebased assessments.
  • Guidelines, activities, and lessons for English language learners in literacy development, English Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, and History/ Social Studies.
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