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Tips for Teaching Culture introduces English Language teachers to approaches they can use to build intercultural understanding. This practical reference book links specific techniques for teaching culture with contemporary research on intercultural communication. Topics covered include language, nonverbal communication, identity, culture shock, cross-cultural adjustment, traditional ways of teaching culture, education, and social responsibility.



  • Concrete tips in each chapter provide teachers with helpful suggestions on how to build cultural awareness.
  • What the research says and What the teacher can do sections link pedagogical research with classroom techniques.
  • Voices from the Classroom anecdotes share teachers' cross-cultural experiences.
  • Classroom activities illustrate over 50 ways teachers can build intercultural understanding.
  • Photocopiable handouts for classroom activities can be used with minimal preparation.
  • Glossary provides concise definitions of commonly used terms about intercultural communication.

The Tips for Teaching series covers topics of practical classroom-centered interest for English language teachers. Written in clearly comprehnesible terms, each book offers soundly conceived practical approaches to classroom instruction that are firmly grounded in current pedagogical research.

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