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A unique methodology book, Essential Teacher Knowledge is the core foundation-level guide for teachers of English.

The Book

Units on essential theory, practical teaching advice and classroom ideas are presented across two pages, in full color. Written in accessible English, Essential Teacher Knowledge is ideal preparation for TKT and other entry-level teacher qualifications, or as a handbook for any ELT teacher.


Two hours of video footage includes:

  • Demonstrations of key teaching techniques, such as giving instructions and correction, so new teachers can see the theory put into practice
  • Global "Teachers' Voices" – teachers from around the world sharing opinions and ideas about key issues for the global English teaching community

. . . and on the Web

  • PIN-coded access to extra online material:
  • Audio to accompany the Pronunciation units (23 – 29)
  • Downloadable Activities (Revise, Research, Reflect) to accompany every unit
  • More Teachers' Voices videos
  • Other resources for teachers, including an up-to-date bibliography
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