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The How to...Series includes

  • How to Teach Listening
  • How to Teach Speaking
  • How to Teach for Exams
  • How to Teach Business English
  • How to Teach Writing
  • How to Teach Grammar
  • How to Teach Vocabulary
  • How to Teach Pronunciation
  • How to Teach English

The How to Teach series is written by teachers and teacher trainers, people who know the reality of the classroom and the support teachers need to get the most out of their students. Our aim is to build teachers' confidence, knowledge, and classroom abilities -- and inspire them to try out new ideas. --Jeremy Harmer, Series Editor

This collection of user-friendly development books will assist a broad range of teachers and trainers in expanding their classroom capabilities. Each text offers practical information within a clear theoretical framework. The series builds teachers' confidence, knowledge and classroom abilities -- and inspires them to try out new ideas.

The series includes:


How to Teach Business English

by Evan Frendo

With special emphasis on cross-cultural training, this clear-cut introduction to the teaching of business English covers critical areas such as course preparation, creation of materials, and the use of management training techniques. Also includes detailed sample lessons and activities.


How to Teach English, New Edition

by Jeremy Harmer

This essential introduction to the theory and practice of teaching English illustrates a variety of methods, based on the author’s extensive teaching and training experience. Ideas on lesson planning and textbook use can be put into practice immediately.


How to Teach for Exams

by Sally Burgess and Katie Head

This text offers a thorough analysis of how listening, speaking, reading and writing, as well as grammar and vocabulary, are tested in a range of exams, along with appropriate teaching strategies for each. Also includes a guide to all major international English language exams.


How to Teach Grammar

by Scott Thornbury

Here you’ll find a host of ways to develop or enhance your grammar teaching skills. How to Teach Grammar demonstrates methods for practicing a variety of grammar topics, dealing with errors, and integrating grammar instruction into general methodologies such as task-based learning.


How to Teach Pronunciation

by Gerald Kelly

A straightforward primer on the theory and teaching of pronunciation, this text offers detailed analysis and teaching techniques for vowels, consonants, stress and intonation, and the features of fluent speech. An enclosed Audio CD provides spoken examples of the material in the text.


How to Teach Speaking

by Scott Thornbury

This book examines the different approaches and activities that can be used for teaching and testing speaking. It covers areas of speech such as articulation, fluency and register, and looks at classroom approaches including discussions, drama, and drills. A task file and reading list is included.


How to Teach Vocabulary

by Scott Thornbury

Finally...an introduction to teaching vocabulary that’s both accessible and content-rich. You’ll find details on the characteristics of words, how they are learned and memorized, and the best ways to teach them. Complex issues are presented in the context of the real-life challenges of today’s classrooms.


How to Teach Writing

by Jeremy Harmer

This book delivers an uncomplicated analysis of the nature of writing, particularly in terms of process, product, and genre. Descriptions of a broad range of writing tasks enable teachers to select those that will be most effective in developing students’ writing skills.

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