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University Success Writing is one strand of a three-strand developmental course designed for English language learners transitioning to mainstream academic environments. The Writing strand builds skills tied to specific learning outcomes with a strong focus on inquiry-based research writing to prepare students to write in academic degree classes. The Writing strand supports students through the writing process and moves them away from the production of highly structured essays.


  • University Success Writing integrates a flexible three-part developmental approach — authentic content woven through all three parts provides intensive skill development and expanded application.
    • Parts 1 and 2 include presentation and controlled writing practice that guide students through the writing process while building their essential writing and critical thinking skills.
    • Part 3 includes authentic interviews with Stanford professors discussing their own writing processes, providing strategies students can incorporate into their own writing. Academic disciplines include: Sociology, Economics, Biology, Humanities, and Environmental Engineering. Writing assignments in Part 3 allow students to apply and expand the skills acquired in Parts 1 and 2.
  • Additional skill and vocabulary practices, collaboration activities, and assessments provide opportunities for personalized learning beyond the classroom.
  • Strategies for academic success and soft skills delivered via online videos, including how to read a syllabus and make appointments with professors, prepare students to cope with college culture.
  • Skills include:
    • Developing a research question
    • Supporting claims with facts and opinions
    • Understanding satire and parody
    • Synthesizing information from multiple sources

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