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Basic English Grammar, Fourth Edition

Fundamentals of English Grammar, Fourth Edition

Understanding & Using English Grammar, Fifth Edition

Clear, direct and comprehensive, the Azar-Hagen Grammar series uses a grammar-based teaching approach — blending grammar methodology with communicative methods. Grammar is used as the starting point for the development of all language skills — speaking, listening, reading, and writing. The Azar-Hagen Grammar series describes how English works and uses grammar as a springboard for interactive, communicative practice opportunities.


Clear charts and explanations

  • Examples accompanied by clear explanations and minimal grammar terminology.

Direct, in-depth grammar practice

  • Immediate application of grammatical forms and meanings.
  • A variety of exercise types including warm-up, comprehension, completion, reading, listening, interview, pronunciation, and writing.

Comprehensive corpus-informed grammar syllabus

  • Written forms, spelling, and punctuation, as well as spoken forms and pronunciation.
  • Teacher's Guide offers step-by-step teaching suggestions for each chart, notes on key grammar structures, vocabulary and expansion activities.
  • Chart Book contains the grammar charts.
  • Test Bank offers additional quizzes, chapter tests, mid-term and final exams.
  • ExamView software allows teachers to customize their tests from the Test Bank.
  • Teachers can use the eText as a classroom presentation tool.

New Essential Online Resources include Student Book audio, Student Book answer keys, Grammar Coach videos, and self- assessments.

NEW! Understanding and Using English Grammar, Fifth Edition

New to this Edition

  • Pretests at the start of each chapter enable learners to check what they already know.
  • Updated grammar charts reflect current usage and highlight differences between written and spoken English.
  • A new chapter on article usage.
  • A variety of high-interest readings include reviews, articles on current topics, and blogs that focus on student success.
  • Additional incremental practice helps learners better grasp concepts, while thematic exercises and integrated tasks offer more contextualized language use.
  • Step-by-step writing activities are supported by writing tips and pre-writing and editing tasks.
  • New Essential Online Resources include Student Book audio, Student Book answer key, Grammar Coach videos, and self- assessments.

MyEnglishLab: Azar

MyEnglishLab: Azar offers a rich variety of digital presentation and practice techniques to appeal to many learning styles. MyEnglishLab: Azar includes:

  • Extensive grammar practice with more than 500 new interactive exercises for practice in listening, speaking, and reading.
  • Learner support with pop-up notes and grammar charts for easy access to information.
  • Ongoing assessment, with immediate feedback on practice activities and tests, so students can monitor their own progress.

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