Shouldn’t Your Grammar Book Make Your Job Easier?

Shouldn’t Your Grammar Book Make Your Job Easier?

Teaching grammar is tough. Instructors need support, and they often have to go
looking for it themselves. …

For the Fourth Edition of Understanding and Using English Grammar, the Azar-Hagen team created a new Teacher’s Guide with tips and support for teachers before, during, and after a grammar lesson.

More Information

Each chapter in the new Teacher’s Guide contains a full description of the target grammar.
The student books can’t cover every aspect of a grammar point  it would be too overwhelming for students. The Teacher’s Guide, though, is the perfect place for more
information. Convenient gray boxes give teachers more explanation of the grammar, common problem areas, and points to emphasize.

More Tips

The new Teacher’s Guide also contains step-by-step suggestions for conducting the lesson:

  • From an explanation of the
    chapter’s organization to how to conduct each exercise, you
    have full support.
  • Regular expansion exercises allow you to extend
    parts of a lesson if your students need it.
  • A 12-page introduction to the Teacher’s Guide lays out the philosophy of Understanding and Using English Grammar and contains more
    than 30 recommended ways to use the charts and exercises.

Get More Support Now

A grammar series only works if it works for you. Contact your Pearson
ELL Specialist today to find out how you can get the
support you need.

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