Vocabulary Thursdays (with Joanna)

Economic vs. Economical

Economical describes something that helps you to keep your expenses low.

Economic describes something related to the economy. 

Now try to complete these two sentences. 

1. My new car is very _______ ( economic / economical ) to run. My gas bill is now much lower.

2. The pandemic has had a negative _______ ( economic / economical ) impact on the restaurant industry.

Here’s the answer key. 1. economical; 2. economic. Did you get it right? Now, you try it! Create sentences with these words. Post them in comments.

Joanna Rodzen-Hickey

Joanna Rodzen-Hickey has been an ESL teacher and consultant for nearly 20 years. She has taught English at numerous universities and community colleges in New Jersey and currently teaches at the Hackettstown High School in Hackettstown, NJ.

One thought on “Vocabulary Thursdays (with Joanna)”

  • 1- This car is very economical it doesn’t cost a lot of money.
    2-This man alway talks about economic policy.

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