Vocabulary Thursdays (with Joanna): Affect vs. Effect

Confused by the difference between affect and effect?

Affect is a verb. It means to influence.
Effect is a noun. It means the result.

Compare these two examples:

Stress can negatively affect your sleep.
Lack of sleep is a negative effect of stress.

Now you try it:

  1. How much you exercise can have an _ ( affect / effect ) on your overall health.
  2. A lack of exercise can negatively _ ( affect / effect ) your health.

ANSWER KEY: 1. effect; 2. affect

Joanna Rodzen-Hickey

Joanna Rodzen-Hickey has been an ESL teacher and consultant for nearly 20 years. She has taught English at numerous universities and community colleges in New Jersey and currently teaches at the Hackettstown High School in Hackettstown, NJ.

Vocabulary Thursdays (with Joanna): Normalization vs. Normality

Let’s practice!

1. One of the impacts of COVID-19 has been the _______ ( normalization / normality ) of working from home.

2. We eagerly await a return of pre-pandemic _______ ( normalization / normality ).

ANSWER KEY: 1. normalization; 2. normality