Project Success Videos Model Key Competencies

Project Success is a new six-level, four-skills series for adults and young adults that includes a strong focus on workplace skills and 21st century challenges. This highly engaging video-based program models key competencies in realistic settings, with many opportunities for students to practice the competency in pairs and groups. Watch this video vignette to get a taste of the New Project Success!

(excerpt from Project Success Intro, Unit 4)

What Research Tells Us About Academic Preparation

What Research Tells Us About Academic Preparation

This month’s article presents the three major conclusions of what
20 studies tell us about preparing students for mainstream classes. Do
you use all three in your classes?

1.Teach Fully-Integrated Academic Skills

Just as students need to read, write, listen, and speak in a mainstream
classroom, so academic preparation should integrate all four skills. A
complete curriculum includes training in general academic skills and
then focuses in on how these skills are applied in reading textbooks,
listening to lectures, writing essays, and speaking in presentations.

2. …

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