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In choosing the best reading book for your class consider two things: your student’s purpose for studying English, and your preferred method for teaching language.

PURPOSE:  Why are your students studying English?

Do your students’ goals center on Academic English (learning to read academic texts) or General English (learning to read a wide variety of general contexts)?

METHOD: How do you prefer to teach language?

Do you prefer Skills-Based Instruction building lesson around skills) or Content-Based Instruction (choosing engaging topics and teach language through this content)?




Author(s): Tania Pattison

Critical Reading provides a systematic introduction to the process of analyzing and evaluating a written text.

Author(s): Karen Blanchard, Christine Root

As a theme-based series, For Your Information provides a basis for teaching and recycling vocabulary and reading skills as well as encouraging students to think critically, and view things from differing points of view.

Author(s): C.G. Draper

The popular Great American Stories series features adaptations of classic stories that progress in difficulty throughout each collection.

Author(s): N/A

MyEnglishLab: Reading and MyEnglishLab: Writing help students develop their reading and writing skills through individualized practice. Each four-level program blends innovative digital content with a wealth of interactive activities and ongoing assessment, and can be added to any course for extra instruction.

Author(s): Linda Butler (Books 1-4) and Lynn Bonesteel (Book 5)

The five books in the Password series help students advance their reading skills and build a vocabulary of 2,000 high-frequency words and phrases. Research shows that at this point, most students can begin to read unadapted texts. Now in a third edition with a fresh four-color design, Password's theme-based units include an updated mix of nonfiction readings and skill-development activities for reading, writing, and critical thinking.

Author(s): Beatrice S. Mikulecky, Linda Jeffries

This four-level reading series focuses on a unique process methodology - encouraging students to develop a strategic approach and begin to view reading in English as a problem-solving activity rather than a translation exercise. Students strengthen their comprehension skills, build vocabulary, increase reading speed, and are prepared for testing.

Author(s): Karen Blanchard, Christine Root

This student-friendly, three-level series is designed to develop reading and vocabulary skills.

Author(s): Lynn Bonesteel, David Wiese, Alice Savage
Series Editor(s): David Nation

Real Reading creates an authentic reading experience through carefully controlled texts, meaning-focused exercises, and extensive vocabulary development.

Author(s): Robert L. Saitz, Francine B. Stieglitz

Short Takes in Fiction engages students in reading, speaking, and writing English,using brief selections by 20th-century writers.

Author(s): Sybil Marcus

A World of Fiction calls upon students' diverse language and critical thinking skills as they discover the pleasure and rewards of reading fiction.