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In choosing the best reading book for your class consider two things: your student’s purpose for studying English, and your preferred method for teaching language.

PURPOSE:  Why are your students studying English?

Do your students’ goals center on Academic English (learning to read academic texts) or General English (learning to read a wide variety of general contexts)?

METHOD: How do you prefer to teach language?

Do you prefer Skills-Based Instruction building lesson around skills) or Content-Based Instruction (choosing engaging topics and teach language through this content)?




Author(s): Milada Broukal, Peter Murphy, Janet Mihomme

All About the USA reading series features informative and entertaining readings about American people, places, and events, to promote lively discussion and cross-cultural exchange. Topics include U.S. geography, rock music, the film industry, inventions, famous people, and new technology.

Author(s): Susan Earle-Carlin, Colleen Hildebrand

American Perspectives helps students develop skills in reading comprehension and critical thinking. Each theme-based unit offers multiple views of contemporary U.S. culture.

Author(s): Christine Root, Karen Blanchard

Written in a variety of styles, American Roots describes major events, people, and trends within nine broad periods of American history. The readings are designed to increase reading confidence while providing a general understanding of the social, cultural, economic, and political forces that have shaped the United States.

Author(s): Paul Abraham, Daphne Mackey

The cross-cultural perspectives in this three-level series engages students through high-interest readings that cover U.S. culture, customs, and conventions to give students the opportunity to use language in both controlled and creative ways.