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Author(s): Beatrice S. Mikulecky

This classical practical handbook combines reading theory with practical classroom application. An invaluable resource to the reading teacher, teacher-in-training, or administrator.

Author(s): Patricia A. Richard-Amato, Marguerite Ann Snow

This methodology text is dedicated to helping mainstream teachers meet the sociocultural, cognitive, and academic language needs of today's English language learners (ELLs).

Author(s): J. Michael O'Malley , Lorraine Valdez Pierce

This practical resource book familiarizes teachers, staff developers, and administrators with the latest thinking on alternatives to traditional assessment.

Author(s): Jeremy Harmer

Essential theory, practical teaching advice and classroom ideas presented in full color, across two-pages, on DVD footage and through pin code access on the web.

Author(s): H. Douglas Brown, Priyanvada Abeywickrama

Language Assessment provides a clear presentation of the essentials for assessing second language learning fairly and effectively. This edition includes new research and information on standardized tests, a chapter on form-focused assessment, and a concise glossary.

Author(s): Patricia A. Richard-Amato

This cutting-edge, best-selling text highlights strategies for teaching languages to children, adolescents, and adults. It presents a cyclic approach to theory and practice in which theory informs practice and vice versa. The text also stresses peer- and self-evaluation in simulated as well as real classrooms.

Author(s): H. Douglas Brown

The sixth edition of Principles of Language Learning and Teaching offers new ways of viewing and teaching second language acquisition (SLA) based on the latest research. Providing a comprehensive overview of the theoretical viewpoints that have shaped language teaching today, the text explains the pedagogical relevance of SLA research in reader-friendly prose.

Author(s): Mike Beck

This intereactive online course offers up-to-date instruction from language teaching experts for professional development anytime, anywhere! The teaching modules offer opportunities for professional growth to both new and experienced teachers.

Author(s): Anna Uhl Chamot

This practical and research-based methodology book is for all teachers of students learning English as a new language. It reflects new research, content subject to national standards, and adaptations of the CALLA model to meet the needs of students and teachers.

Series Editor(s): Jeremy Harmer

The How to series is written by teachers and teacher trainers, people who know the reality of the classroom and the support teachers need to get the most out of their students. The aim is to build teachers confidence, knowledge, and classroom abilities and inspire them to try out new ideas.

Author(s): Anna Uhl Chamot, Sarah Barnhardt , Pamela Beard El-Dinary , Jill Robbins

Written by experts in the field, this handbook provides teachers with practical guidelines, and classroom-tested lessons and activities to teach ESL students how to use learning strategies.

Author(s): Jeremy Harmer

The Practice of English Language Teaching is the essential guide for teachers of English, explaining current pedagogy to teachers who want to access the most relevant English language teaching practices and incorporate them into their classes.

Author(s): Ann C. Wintergerst, Joe McVeigh
Series Editor(s): A25

This practical resource book introduces English Language teachers to approaches they can use to build intercultural understanding. It links specific techniques for teaching culture with contemporary research on intercultural communication.

Author(s): Jack C. Richards, Anne Burns

This text introduces English language teachers to contemporary research and specific techniques for teaching listening. Topics include listening processes, skills, text types, academic listening, course planning, and assessment.

Author(s): Linda Lane
Series Editor(s): H. Douglas Brown

This practical reference book shows English language teachers how to teach the North American sound system. It provides easy-to-use tips, clear explanations, diagrams, and sample classroom activities.

Author(s): Carol A. Chapelle, Joan Jamieson
Series Editor(s): H. Douglas Brown

This practical reference book introduces English language teachers to Computer-Assisted Language Learning (CALL). It links specific techniques for using CALL with contemporary CALL research and language skills.