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In choosing the best writing book for your class consider two things: your student’s purpose for studying English, and your preferred method for teaching language.

PURPOSE:  Why are your students studying English?

Do your students’ goals center on Academic English (learning to write academic texts) or General English (learning to write in a wide variety of general contexts)?


METHOD: How do you prefer to teach language?

Do you prefer Skills-Based Instruction (building lesson around skills) or Content-Based Instruction (choosing engaging topics and teach language through this content)?




Author(s): Steve Marshall

Advance in Academic Writing is a comprehensive coursebook that prepares students for success in their college and university studies.

Author(s): Mary Fitzpatrick

To succeed in college classes, students need step-by-step instruction in the concepts and skills of academic writing. This series fully supports the needs of learners, using thematic lessons, ample modeling, academic vocabulary, and fully integrated instruction in the writing process.

Author(s): Ann Hogue

From grammar and punctuation to the creation of essays,The Essentials of English is a must-have reference tool for today's writer.

Author(s): Natasha Haugnes, Helen Solorzano, David Wiese, Colin Ward, John Beaumont, Laura Walsh
Series Editor(s): John Beaumont

Focus on Writing is an academic writing program that provides students with essential tools to master not only the key steps in the writing process, but also the grammatical structures, lexical knowledge, and rhetorical modes essential for academic writing.

Author(s): Joyce C. Cain

This three-level series provides students with the essential grammar applications they need to become proficient writers.

Author(s): Linda Butler, Alice Oshima , Ann Hogue, Alan Meyers

The Longman Academic Writing Series helps develop student writing from basic composition of sentences and paragraphs to academic essays and research papers. At each level, students are offered guidance in the complete writing process from prewriting to revision, and are provided with clear explanations, extensive practice, and consistent coverage of sentence mechanics and grammar.

Author(s): Pearson

Maximize Your Writing Workbooks provide students with instruction and practice in developing their academic writing skills.

Author(s): N/A

MyEnglishLab: Reading and MyEnglishLab: Writing help students develop their reading and writing skills through individualized practice. Each four-level program blends innovative digital content with a wealth of interactive activities and ongoing assessment, and can be added to any course for extra instruction.

Author(s): Karen Blanchard, Christine Root

Ready to Write provides basic writing instruction, dependable strategies, and many opportunities for students to use the composition skills they need to be successful writers in and out of the classroom.

Author(s): Karen Blanchard and Christine Root

The latest edition of Ready to Write marks 30 years of this easy-to-teach, user-friendly three book series. With a fresh four-color design and a variety of new activities, this classroom favorite provides guided writing instruction, dependable strategies, and many opportunities for students to hone the composition skills they need to be successful in personal and academic settings.

Author(s): Susan Conrad, Douglas Biber

An innovative corpus-based grammar text, Real Grammar uses the latest corpus research to show how grammatical structures and expressions are used in speech and writing. The focus on authentic usage motivates students to move past traditional grammar texts and use English more like native speakers.

Author(s): Charl Norloff and Amy Renehan
Series Editor(s): Maggie Sokolik

University Success Writing is one strand of a three-strand developmental course designed for English language learners transitioning to mainstream academic environments.

Author(s): Karen Blanchard, Sue Peterson, Dorothy Zemach,

The new four-level Writing Power series brings multiple writing skills together to give students practical skills for successful written communication in today's social, academic, and professional settings.

Author(s): Cynthia A. Boardman, Jia Frydenberg

With a combined process and product approach, this three-level series guides students through the writing process to create interesting, well-organized, and grammatically correct paragraphs and essays.